.: rUL3s aNd r3gULati0ns :.

1. First come first serve basis

2. Serious buyer only! no backouts plss k.. if do, automatically u'll be blacklisted..

3. you are required to fill the order form =)

4. Item that had made payment are not refundable, return or exchange.. so do ask me about the item 1st k as to avoid any misunderstanding between u and me =)

5. st0kinst0r3 will not liable for any damages or loss during shippping.

6. Colors of the item may vary from real item due to the light and also my camera =( . So pls ask me if u want to know more details bout your item k =)

7. Orders will be reserved for only 3 days if there's a waiting list and if not it can be a week for u =). 

8. Prices are change without acknowledge based on the owner..dont worry it wont be more expensive but cheeper! =)

9. Item that had been sold will be delete as to ease u guys to shop at st0kinst0r3 =)

10. If u have any suggestion and comment also u can email me.. or perhaps a request of item that maybe i can help u guys find it!

so if u guys have any inquiries pls do not hesitate to ask me k =)