Saturday, December 25, 2010

super size preloved.


SP 1001
long japanese cotton cardigan.
turqoise colour.
size : XS - 2XL (stretchable)
can wear it in many ways.
price RM 15

SP 1002
black blouse.
a simple blouse to go to class, hang out or anywhere!
size stated 42, can wear until 2XL.
price RM 10 .

SP 1003
free size, stretchable.
from XS until XL.
price RM 5 each.

SP 1004
scarlet plus size 20.
fits up until 2XL.
can wear this blouse to a function, event or a dinner.
price RM 15.

SP 1005
stripey blouse.
size stated XL but can fit up until 2XL.
price RM 10.

SP 1006
denim leggings.
free size, fits until small XL.
price RM 10.

SP 1007
long skirt denim.
brand scarlett plus size 16.
fits until 2XL.
price RM 15.

SP 1008 : black slack.
stretchable, XL. RM 10.

SP 1009 : tized jeans.
stretchable, size XXL. RM 10.

SP 1010 : applemints jeans.
stretchable, size 31, RM 20.

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